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Mission START Program मिशन स्टार्ट कार्यक्रम

Mission START Program in Rajasthan. All information about the introduction, objective, implementation of the plan and work and responsibilities of the Mission START Program – Mission START Program in ENGLISH ; Mission START Program Weekly Smart Class , What is Mission START Program?

Mission START Program

Especially for school students, it is proving to be a very effective medium for learning, because the audio video facilities provided by digital education not only increase the cognitive elements in the students’ brain but also increase the interest and enthusiasm towards the subject among the students. Increases.

In view of this, the departmental innovation flagship program Mission START 2023-24 has been launched by the Honorable Chief Minister under the auspices of the School Education Department on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on 05 September 2023.

This program has been prepared keeping in mind those students studying in remote areas of the state, where there is a need to pay attention to the accessibility of education, that is, either there are vacant posts of teachers in these schools or due to some other reason, there is a lack of availability of subject teachers. There is shortage.

Mission START Program Weekly Smart Class in Hindi मिशन स्टार्ट कार्यक्रम 2023-24
Mission START Program Weekly Smart Class
  • In schools where the posts of subject teachers of classes 9 to 12 are vacant, or in case of teacher not being available due to any reason (such as accident, maternity leave, other medical emergencies), students will be taught the subject through digital medium. Are.
  • By assessing the availability of functional ICT labs, computers, various digital resources available in schools like Smart TV / I.F.P.D. / Projector / Interactive Panel / Smart Board etc., all these digital resources can be effectively used in student education. To be done in.
  • Providing e-content of all subjects in black schools without teachers or lacking teachers. Ensuring availability of e-content as per the situation through hard disk, pen drive etc. and mapping of e-current.
  • The aim is to ensure education of students through departmental YouTube channel by making proper use of the internet available in schools.
  • To prepare a proper time table for blended mode of teaching (both online and offline) as per the requirement of the school and to conduct the classes smoothly accordingly.

Schools have ICT labs and computers, various digital resources like smart TV. /IFPD/Projector/Interactive Panel/Smart Board etc. available. Therefore, with proper use of these resources, it is the priority of the department to deliver the e-content created by the skilled teachers of the department to the schools and make proper use of it.

Digital learning provides students the facility to study as per their learning pace and teachers can also make their teaching more effective by incorporating innovations and new ideas. Overall development of students can also be done through digital education, because keeping all these points in mind, Mission Start program has been started by the department.


Mission START Program is to be implemented in the following manner-

  • Status of availability and functionality of hardware in the school
  • vacancy or absence of teacher
  • Availability and mapping of e-content
    1. Through hard disk
    2. Through departmental YouTube channel
    3. Continuous classroom teaching through e-content
    4. e-content mapping
  • Preparing school wise time table
  • use of e-content
  • Entry on Shaladarpan module
  • For effective implementation of the Mission Start programme, all the officers should make use of all the digital devices available in all the schools in their area under the ICT scheme or through Bhamashah or any other medium, such as Smart TV/IMPD. Availability of projectors/interactive panels/smart boards etc. and the number of functional devices are to be maintained at one’s own level.
  • Besides, it is to be ensured that maximum equipment and ICT labs remain in working condition so that classes can be conducted uninterruptedly through e-content.
  • All the officers will assess the educational vacancies for class 9-12 in their area and will also maintain this information if teachers are on long leave due to various circumstances like maternity leave, child care leave, medical leave etc. and on demand. Will send it to the officers of the directorate.
  • Even in case of general emergency leave, the e-content of the prescribed course material has to be shown to the students as per the weekly lesson plan of the teacher.
  1. Through hard disk – To make e-content accessible to every school through hard disk, Samsa ICT Cell will deliver 15070 hard disks (4TB) along with e-content to the schools. Samsa will provide technical support to all subordinates as per requirement.
  2. Through departmental YouTube channel – In case of availability of internet in the department, we will ensure to show the content through departmental YouTube channel.
  3. Continuous classroom teaching through e-content – After ensuring access to e-content in the school, it should be ensured that classes are taken every day as per the school-wise fixed time table.
  4. Mapping of e-content – Which content is prescribed for which subject out of the e-content created for the entire curriculum, is described in the school lesson guidance module. According to this mapped e-content, only the links or material of the given e-content are to be used for teaching the same subject during the vacant time in the class room.

According to the number of vacant posts and absent teachers in the school and according to the school lesson guidance module made for the Mission Swart program, the time to be used for teaching the same subject to fill the vacant period of the subject. -The table has to be constructed.

  • It will be mandatory to paste the print of the above prepared time table on the notice board of the school.

The e-content is to be used as per the prescribed time table as per the educational vacancies of classes 9 to 12.

The time table prepared as per the School Lesson Guidance module is to be entered on the Shaladarpan module on Friday of every week.

Mission START Program Duties and Responsibilities

Mission START Program Duties and Responsibilities-

Mission START Program in ENGLISH

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