NO BAG DAY – बस्ता मुक्त दिवस -in English

NO BAG DAY – बस्ता मुक्त दिवस -in english no Bag Day, What is No Bag Day – Purpose of celebrating in school, Necessity of No Bag Day, Class wise groups to be formed on No Bag Day, Saturday theme of No Bag Day – all related information.

NO BAG DAY – बस्ता मुक्त दिवस

During the budget speech in the State Assembly on 20 February 2020 by the Honorable Chief Minister, under the announcements related to the Education Department, the decision regarding keeping Saturday as No Bay Day in all government schools and no teaching work being done on that day was announced. . Accordingly, ‘Baste Free Day’ will be celebrated every week on Saturday from the session 2022-23.

  • The objective of No Bag Day is to make the process of teaching and learning enjoyable through co-curricular activities other than the traditional methods of teaching and learning by recognizing the overall development and inherent abilities of the students.
  • Under this scheme, students will come to school every Saturday without school bang.
क्र संsaturday numbertheme
1.first saturday of the monthrecognize rajasthan
2. second saturday of the monthlanguage skill development
3. third saturday of the monthRajasthan will play-Rajasthan will grow
4. fourth saturday of the monthI will become a scientist
5. fifth saturday of the monthChildren’s meeting with my loved ones

Apart from 15th August, 26th January and 2nd October, Shivira has been shown in Panchang. All celebrated festive days and anniversaries are included. Activities included in Shivra Panchang for organizing every Saturday as Bag Free Day. Programs. Activities will be organized in the last hours of school hours by taking out 40 minutes in the time table prescribed for No Bag Day.

  • Festivals falling during the entire week (Monday to Sunday). The anniversaries should be organized ceremoniously on the ‘bag free day (Saturday) of the week. For which the outline and pre-preparation should be done before the said Saturday by the concerned teachers and students taking active part in the event.
  • Due to celebration of Bag Free Day, all children’s meetings, monthly staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings (PTM). Monthly meeting of the Executive Committee of SDMC SMC (currently organized every month on Amavasya), Meena Raju (Gargi Manch meeting) etc. programs should also be organized on the occasion of Bag Free Day (Saturday).
  • A festival/jubilee/children’s meeting should be organized on the last Saturday of the month. After organizing all these days at the end of the month, 40 minutes of voluntary labor will be done by teachers and students in all government schools.
  • All the competitions organized from time to time by the Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer and the State Council of Educational Research and Training (RSCERT), Udaipur and various agencies and departments for the purpose of developing creative skills and developing scientific aptitude and interest among the students, are held at the school level. It should be organized on Saturday only.
no bag day
  • To be organized on the occasion of Bag Free Day (Saturday). Keeping in mind the all-round development of the students, various co-curricular activities like sports, debate competitions, speeches etc. are organized in the festivals. Special attention should be paid to organizing essay writing etc.
  • In a children’s meeting every month, practical demonstrations of traditional domestic cottage industries should be conducted to give the students the knowledge of the ‘Basic Concept of Education’ propounded by Gandhiji, such as making earthen pots or toys, spinning the spindle, using the charkha, etc. For this, efforts should be made to invite artisans from around the school to the school and conduct live demonstrations.
  • Boys and girls with special needs should be included in co-educational activities.
Activitiesbenefited classtime limit
Movement methods of adolescent empowerment, operation of Meena Raju Manch and Gargi ManchAll students from class 6 to 12one period per week
Creating a safe school environment and protecting child safetyAll students from class 1 to 12one period per week
Cyber Security and Responsible NetizenAll girls from class 6 to 12one period per week
Activitiesbenefited classtime limit
Rani Lakshmibai Self Defense TrainingAll girls from class 6 to 1245 days per session (15 days per month) for three consecutive months

It is ensured that the above gender activities are organized on No-Bag Day as per the requirement.

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