Socially Useful Productive Work In English ; Introduction , Importance Of SUPW , Objectives , List Of SUPW Activities And Needs etc.

socially useful productive work in English ; introduction , importance , objectives , list of supw activities and needs ; All the information about the meaning of SUPW, objectives of organizing socially useful productive work, history of SUPW, need of socially useful productive work, importance of SUPW camp and also how to write SUPW camp report is given below. And you can also download the PDF –

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is a “purposeful productive work and services related to the needs of the child and the community, which will prove meaningful to the learner.

Such work should not be carried out mechanically but should involve planning, analysis and detailed preparation, at every level so that it is educational. Technology by adopting better equipment and materials where available and adopting modern techniques The needs of a progressive society based on will be appreciated.”

Students learn to work as a team with skill and ingenuity. It was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 1978 to promote Gandhian values ​​and educational ideas of Mahatma Gandhi.

  • It is meaningful manual work that can provide useful goods or services to the community.
  • SUPW should be considered as a purposeful manual work with learning as an integral part and the process should involve either the creation of goods or providing services useful to the society.
  • It should be an essential part of education at all levels and should be provided in the form of compact and graded programmes.
  • Meaning of Socially Useful Productive Work: Socially Useful Productive Work is a subject in schools and educational institutions of India under which students can choose many types of activities like cutting, weaving, cooking, painting, carpentry, handicrafts and other life useful productive items etc. .
  • In this, students learn to work as a team and learn to be efficient in their work, in which students also have to do community service.
  • In short, a child should be equipped with the ability to work efficiently in his community in terms of social skills and work skills so that he can create something useful for the society.

Importance of SUPW Camp

supw camp report

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