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teacher diary

teacher diary :The booklet in the approved format for a teacher to keep brief records of his/her work-teaching plan, teaching-process, teaching method, evaluation of students, their attendance count, instructions of the headmaster, pre-planning of remedial teaching etc. is called teacher diary. goes.

The work of a teacher, in which the clinical achievement of all activities is considered to be inherent. It is essentially an arduous but routine task for a teacher to conduct his/her work. Which is very important for the welfare of both teachers and students and also for their emotional relationships.

In other words, it can be said that for regular and systematic work of teachers and to complete the practice sequence as per plan, it is necessary for every teacher to keep a daily routine. Teacher’s daily routine: Prior preparation by the teacher, orderly and organized activities as per the teacher’s time cycle, are essential for giving regular homework to the students and for evaluation and are an important companion for the teacher.

definition of teacher diary

According to Pro. S. K. Dubey :- “Diary writing means recording and creating idealized work behavior and thoughts through which a person reviews his work behavior, life events and his thoughts in the future.”

According to Smt. R Sharma:- “Diary writing is an account of a person’s work, behavior and thoughts, in which the person describes the positive and negative aspects of his thoughts, work, behavior and events related to himself and from the above summary discussion it becomes clear that This process of daily writing is a process of self-review of one’s own actions.”

In order to make art teaching objective and effective, Dainandini gives the teacher a sense of prior preparation for teaching. There is also a written evidence of the teaching done by him.

  1. To assist the teacher in effectively completing the daily teaching work as per the pre-determined plan.
  2. To complete the teaching work on time as per a time bound programme.
  3. To remind the teacher about the daily work to be done and to prepare for it in advance.
  4. For allotment of homework to students and their revision.
  5. To inform the headmaster about his work.
  6. To feed back for making changes, amendments and additions to the pre-determined plan based on the execution of daily work.
  • It gives the teacher an idea about the goals and objectives of the lesson or subject.
  • It also helps teachers in various competencies related to the subject they are teaching.
  • It gives a clear idea of teaching-learning outcomes
  • It gives them different strategies needed to teach a particular subject.
  • It can be used to note down and analyze assessment techniques used to evaluate students.
  • It helps the teacher to maintain various records like student records, meeting records etc.

purpose of teacher diary

  • It provides the teaching records of a teacher and other activities done by him.
  • It guides the teacher to complete the syllabus of various classes assigned to him.
  • It brings relevance to the work and fulfillment of responsibilities of teachers.
  • It helps in managing the classroom and preparing the instructional process.
  • It provides a basis for the headmaster to monitor and examine the working teachers.

use of teacher diary-

  1. Annual plan of teaching-
    • An annual plan of teaching should be made in the first week of the beginning of the session.
    • A separate plan should be made for each class or subject.
    • The plan should be prepared as per the session mentioned in the daily.
    • Details of work division (month and unit wise) should be given clearly.
    • If the same subject is taught by two teachers in different sections of the class, then only one unit plan should be made for each class and section.
  2. Daily lesson plan-
    • The daily lesson plan should be prepared in the format described in the daily.
    • In the column Teaching Point mentioned in the format, the main points related to the lesson should be written in detail. Just writing the name of the lesson will not be enough.
    • Under teaching method – the method which is used during study out of question-answer method, lesson demonstration method, explanation method etc. It should be mentioned.
    • The supporting material presented by the teacher during class teaching should be clearly mentioned.
    • The serial numbers of the questions given in the homework or the questions created by the teacher should be mentioned. Questions should have objective type, very short answer type, short answer type and essay type. As far as possible, self-made questions should be given priority.
  3. Educational Assessment –
    • For effective learning, it is necessary that students are assessed along with teaching. So that weak and talented students can be selected and given proper guidance.
      • The following tasks should be done in this
        1. Records of marks obtained by students in various examinations should be maintained. Their monthly progress can also be shown through a diagram.
        2. On the basis of examination marks, make a list of talented and weak students of your subject and plan special education for them and do continuous evaluation.
        3. Diagnostic tests and remedial education should be given to weak students.

Precautions to be taken in teacher diary-

Teaching work is the main work of a teacher. Therefore, its pre-planning should be divided into annual, monthly, weekly, unit and lesson plans. Their entries should be made in the daily journal at the beginning of the session itself. Only weekly and daily lesson plans can be written some time before their implementation.

teachers diary in english

HOW TO FILL TEACHERS DIARY – teacher diary kaise likhe in english
  • Initially the teacher has to provide his/her personal identification like name of the teacher, teaching subject, class teacher, his/her address and telephone number etc.
  • The blank proforma of individual time table and its class time table has to be copied.
  • The subjects of the scheduled classes and their syllabus will have to be written in the diary.
  • The amount of content of subjects taught in the final weak is recorded regularly and continuously.
  • If any subject could not be taught then the reason for it being weak will have to be given. Schools remain closed due to holidays or other reasons.
  • A record of the student’s internal assessment marks is also maintained in the teacher diary.
  • The principal has to sign every month, the teachers have to put their signatures on every record.
  • The teacher has to manage his teaching activities as per the school calendar.
  • The syllabus is to be completed before the half yearly and annual examinations.
  • The teacher must mention his participation in other school programs and activities.
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to update his diary.

what did I learn by teacher diAry

  • Learned how to fill the teachers diary.
  • Understand what teacher diary is and its format and learn how to enter entries in the diary.
  • Learned to know and keep in mind the necessary guidelines related to teacher diary and appropriate precautions related to it.

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teacher diary : teachers diary in english [ Best ] teacher diary kaise likhe in english

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